any idea why my hard drive is underperforming?


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Jul 30, 2007
Before installing this hard drive I was able to play battlefield 2 with no problems, along with several other games. Since then, however, bf2 has been unplayable (its a strange lag in response time and framerate... similar to a high latency but that isn't the problem) and several other games have significantly slowed as well.

I decided to run HD tach and I was surprised by the poor results. With this drive my burst speed was only 32.7 MB/s and average read was only 32 MB/s. This was incredibly low, especially compared to my other drives (for instance, my 80gb WD drive had a burst speed of 79.1 and a 47.8% average read).

What could be causing this? My initial thought was that this was due to the fact that it shares an IDE channel with my dvd-rw, but when i disconnected that and left the hard drive as master and the only drive on the channel the results of HD tach were exactly the same.

Any ideas? Could it be something I did (or didn't do), or is the hard drive just a lemon?