Any Americans here on Sprint network?


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Sep 13, 2001
To cut a long story short, I need to unlock a phone on Sprint from the UK.

I needed a clamshell mobile for my dad for reasons I won't bore you with and all the UK options were pretty shite and lacking in some vital specs I wanted. I found a couple that looked good from Alcatel and Kyocera but they only sold them in America. Having checked out some prices the Kyocera was going to be too expensive but I was able to get a pay as you go Alcatel Go Flip on ebay for about £30+ some import taxes, worth a punt I thought so I bought it.

I assumed as it was pay as you go it would be unlocked or at least easily unlockable, in the UK you just have to phone your provider as request an unlock code and you get it but that's where I'm hitting a wall. The phone is in the UK so outside Sprints network meaning I can't register the phone or activate it, to call Sprint from the UK would cost me a fortune and when I look for email options they demand customer account numbers to accept an email which I don't have as I can't activate the phone to create an account. I would assume it would be the same to call them. I've tried unlocking services in the UK and they all agree the phone can't be unlocked by them.

So my question is, do you know of any way to get an unlock code from Sprint? do you know if they even have an obligation to provide one? I don't know if America has the same customer rights as the UK in this regard. I can scrap the phone if needs be but I'd love to get it unlocked if possible.