Another Epson 880 for $29.98 Shipped after MIR (Caution: need Blue to get this deal)


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Sep 14, 2000
So many people got in about the same price last time, and so many also missed it. This time, it's a bit more work as you need to get yurself Amex Blue to complete the deal.

Dell now offer $50 Rebate if you buy Epson Stylus 880 between 09/01/01-09/30/01 and postmark by 10/31/01

Dell part# 065440 $129.00
Dell $50 MIR PDF file

Do Not apply any discount or you will not get full $50,

<< In the event customer pays less than $129 for the printer (before taxes), customer shall only receive a rebate in the amount of what they paid minus the $79.00. >>

After you order your printer, call Amex BVG and request a refund as Staples sells this for $79.98

Told ya, it's a bit of work but you get a nice printer for $30 after 2 steps of work.

Breake Down:

Dell purchase-------------------$129.00 (Free S/H)
Dell-Epson MIR-----------------<$50.00>
Amex BVG-----------------------<$49.02> ($129.00-$79.98)