Question AMD Rembrandt/Zen 3+ APU Speculation and Discussion

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Nov 19, 2019
Alright, so we've had some leaks so far. I don't know if any of it's been confirmed yet, as it's pretty early, but here is what I've surmised so far (massive grain of salt of course):

If if turns out to have RDNA 2 and 12 CU, I could see iGPU performance potentially almost doubling over Cezanne.

If I've made any mistakes or gotten anything wrong, please let me know. I'd also love to hear more knowledgeable people weigh in on their expectations.
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Aug 19, 2007
Millions of clueless shmucks like him keep the rest of us from enjoying rapid progress in the PC industry. If everyone recognized the superiority of AMD CPUs in terms of sheer value, Intel would've to work much, much harder to get competitive and that would set off a chain reaction where both CPU giants would get into a serious competitive war. But now? Intel keeps churning out space heating relative duds and still hasn't gone out of business which means they have no incentive to do really innovative stuff despite having the resources to actually do it.

Well he is/was in his 50's and did his job well enough. But he was overweight and had a problem with his knee or leg. They told him to lose weight and he'd be OK. Instead he decided to have his nerves cut/removed/whatever because he didn't want to put in the effort. I was gone before that happened so I don't know how he ended up up, but what a bum IMHO. It was a safe gov't job with great benefits though, what did he care?


BTW nice use of the word shmuck. Didn't think it would be in your lingo over there ;)
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Mar 7, 2002
The later chip is has a 54w vs 35w envlope + a 50mhz bump.

Most variance will be due to the power plan of the laptop. Having a rtx 4060 makes that moot.

It was like $200 cheaper than a comprable 7840hs (zen4 54w), used savings to put in 64gb ram and a full sized 2tb faster drive replacing 16gb and 1tb mini mvme.