AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Thermal Grease


Junior Member
Mar 30, 2005
I'm ready to start building my new computer. The retail box 3500+ has thermal grease pre-installed on the heatsink. Is this OK to use as is or should I remove it and replace with a better thermal grease?

Another option is chucking the stock heatsink and replacing with aftermarket.

I'm open to suggestions as this is my first build and I want to do it right.

Thanks in advance to your replies.


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Apr 4, 2001
the stock stuff is fine

but if you ever need to remove the heatsink again, be sure to have some good stuff around (many people here are Arctic Silver whores, including myself but shin etsu is good too)

see how high u get with the stock heatsink so you have a relative point of comparison if you decide to overclock higher with an aftermarket heatsink