Altec 121ww 3pc 10watt Speaker System - with Free AHP10 Headphones $19.99


Dec 28, 2004
This is a decent price and the FREE shipping is a bonus. If you can only spend $20 then make the purchase. Keeps you on budget for a low-cost gaming system.

If you want a deal on a much more powerful set look at

Harmon Kardon HK-595 3PC w/ Subwoofer
- 10 watts power output (satellite)
- 40 watts power output (subwoofer)
- Two midrange and one tweeter drivers (satellite)
- One 6-inch driver (subwoofer)
- 150 Hz crossover frequency (subwoofer)
- 5 Ohm impendance
- 80 db signal to noise ratio (S/N)
- 3 - 20 KHz frequency response
- 400 mV input sensitivity

Although w/ shipping it's about $42, it is substantially more of a system. The Altec sub does 4w, while the HK sub does 40 w. Altec speakers 2w, HK speakers 10w.