All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list

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Nov 3, 2009
Good question!
That was one month after her 16th birthday.
By then, I'm sure she would have been well into her nefarious megalomaniacal scheme,
and she could have had her "drivers license" for a month,
and it would have just been a short trip for her to drive
from Park Ridge Illinois, to a hidden grassy knoll in Dallas.

Good point! Why didn't I think of that? Damn!

She was the person picking up all the shells from behind the grassy knoll.


Feb 1, 2008
Actually, I like this thread :)

As far as Vince Foster, rumor had it that Vince was closeted, and that park known for its married men lunchtime sexual rendezvous.
So I assume Vince Foster was tricked by Hillary, possibly disguising her voice as a horny old man, which BTW Hillary could easily get away with, and she lured Vince to the park for some man on man noontime quickie. Then, Hillary shot Vince in the park, or hired someone else to shoot Vince.
And I can believe that Vince Foster was about to spill the beans on Bill and Hillary, or just maybe the Clinton's did not want to take any chances?

As far as Chelsea goes, she hast to be their child, Bill and Hillary's.
I mean, just look at the poor kid.
If she wasn't a "famous" Clinton, she's be your white trash Clinton living in a trailer park giving out blowjobs to unemployed trailer park wheel chaired Vietnam vets for five bucks a shoot, I meant shot.

As far as money and wealth goes, they're all crooks.
Whether government corruption, or shady affiliations with the mob or mob related business, dirty wealth from oil, paybacks, shady real estate transactions, or drugs and money laundering.
You can't single out the Clinton's for their wealth or where it came from.
Hell... If not all the corruption in politics, how would you expect congressmen to maintain the silence of all the boys they diddled in locker rooms?
If you are a politician, you gotta earn it somehow.

As far as emails and servers, I don't believe any Clinton is smart enough to even turn on a computer.
She no doubt had others manage everything techie for her, and one of them set her up.
And now, she is too embarrassed to admit that the only server she has ever known was Catalina, the Clinton maid that served up their nighttime cocktails.

Naw... Hillary isn't so bad.
She's probably much worse.
And that definitely does qualify Hillary for president.
If we were looking for saints or had a history of electing saints, Mother Theresa would have been president. Or the Pope.
Well, maybe not the Pope, considering boys and locker rooms.
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