alienware's aurora ddr


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Sep 10, 2001
So im buyin a new system, yes i know i should build my own or have a friend do it but im not going to. Ive been looking at the alienware systems and i dont think that they are too over priced. For the following system its $1615, and they are offering free shipping at the moment....

Dragon Full-Tower Case (340-Watt PS) (Charcoal Black)
AMD Athlon 1.4GHz Processor 266MHz FSB
256MB DDR SDRAM (PC-2100)
107-Enhanced Windows Keyboard (Space Black)
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer USB (Space Black)
40GB HD 9.0ms seek time, 7200RPM, UltraATA
NVIDIA GeForce3 w/64MB DDR TV-Out 4X AGP
KoolMaxx Video Cooling System
SoundBlaster LIVE! Value
Pioneer 16X DVD 40X w/Software MPEG-2 Decoder
US Robotics V.90 56K Internal Voice/Fax/Data
Aliencare Toll-Free 1-Year 24/7 ONSITE Warranty
Microsoft Windows Millennium
Hi-Performance Heatsink/CPU Cooling Fan
Standard 1.44MB Floppy Drive

As i said, Im not going to build my own system, i like having a warrenty, and alienware offers upgrades at wholesale which is decent so i can just upgrade in the future (this will be the last full system i buy for a while). I have been looking at other similar companies, falcon and voodoo are both too expensive for me, and i checked out after reading how overly priced people thoguth alienwares were. This system is from

1 Case Antec SX1030B (Black)
1 Power Supply Enermax 550 Watt
1 CPU AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz AYHJAR
1 Motherboard EPOX 8K7A Socket A DDR
1 CPU Cooling ThermalRight SK-6 + Delta7k
2 RAM 256 MB DDR PC2100 CAS2.5
1 Video Card Leadtek GeForce 3 64MB + Tv Out
1 Sound Card Sound Blaster Live! Value
1 Hard Drive Western D. CAVIAR 80GB 7200RPM
1 DVD Pioneer IDE 16X DVD Slot Load
1 Modem Zoom 56k PCI Winmodem
1 Network 3Com 905CX-TXNM 10/100
1 Floppy Drive 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
4 Case Fans 80mm Panaflo
1 Fanbus 7V/12V/Off Blue + Red
1 CPU Overclocking Options Multiplier + FSB
1 Video Card Overclocking Overclock With Chipset Cooler
1 IDE/Floppy Cable Mods Hand Folded (Better Airflow)
Total Price: $1,815.27
+os 100$ish

this system is better, but more expensive....and theres no onsight warrenty. if i want to void the alienware warranty i can overclock it myself. The more expensive tunaman system might be worth it, but it doesnt look to me like alienware is sooooo horribly over priced. (im not comparing it to building my own system) If im way off please save me from wasint my money, but just wondering why everyone dislikes alienware so much.



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Jul 27, 2001
From my experience, this is all i know bout the current alienware system u g0t

-NVIDIA GeForce III = Leadtek which in MY opinion SUCKs (but than i never used it but every review i read, its like an underdog)

-Case - Antec SX-1000/10?0 - GOOD CASE =D

Dont know the rest


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Mar 1, 2001
Build your own, better sense of accomplishment. Tech. support the best tech support in the world is the Anandtech forum and its fellow members in my opinion, and I bet if you really tried you could get that price down !
Aug 10, 2001
I think you should save money and build the system yourself. But if you absolutely refuse to build your own, you would be better off buying a system from Oxford PC or GamePC.