ALBATRON TI 4600V or ati radeon 9500 pro ?


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Apr 8, 2003
The price is about the same...
which one is better?
is it true that when directX9 will show up in games,
the radeon will be faster then the ti 4600 ?

anyway, I just want to know - what would you buy? (considoring the prices are exactly the same)


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Feb 6, 2003
I don't know about the Albatron brand, but the Ti4600 is certainly a great card (I presume we talking about a 128MB version). It is likely to be marginally faster than the Radeon 9500 Pro on current games without antialiasing (AA) or anisotropic filtering (AF) turned on. However, with AA/AF enabled, the Radeon 9500 Pro will definitely outperform the Ti4600.

Whether that matters to you depends on whether or not you will use AA/AF. Everyone I know who has ever tried it loves it and leaves it turned on all the time (looks great in older games as well as new ones). So on that front, I'd say Radeon 9500 Pro wins hands down.

As for DirectX 9, I wouldn't hold my breath for those games .... it will probably be awhile before we see any. Of course, at that time any DirectX9 card (like the 9500Pro) would of course be better. But I don't think that's as major a selling point right now ... excellent AA/AF performance matters more for the immediate future.

Of course, the Ti4600 still does decent AA/AF in current games ... but the Radeon 9500 Pro is faster at it.


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Nov 12, 1999
don't know how much things have changed, but with the origional radeon ddr and the 8500 i owned for a while, compatability w/ older games (my kid loves NFS III and Monster Truck Madness 2) was no good, even into the first few catalyst releases. never had a problem w/ any nVidia based cards - my Albatron Ti4600 w/ DX 9 and the 43.45 runs all the old stuff great.

just something to think about for those with the same issues as me - then again maybe ATI addressed those things, however i doubt it - not enough people play that stuff anymore.