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Al-Quaeda just made me crap myself.

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Feb 23, 2005
Originally posted by: Harvey
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the fact of the matter,...is that Fallout 3 is much more likely to take place if...Americans elect a Democratic President/Congress....
Fact of the matter is that our republican president has led this country into an unending war, has created an even greater deficit, and has done more to damage opinion of America abroad than any president in recent history.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
And sometimes people will find any reason to bash Bush by derailing a thread.
Nobody needs to "find any reason to bash Bush." He gives us more reasons than we need, every day.

But in case you didn't notice, NeoV was the one who first tried to play the partisan paranoia card, and it was over graphic representations in a freaking game. :roll:
you missed the point entirely. As usual. Yeah yeah yeah we know how you feel about Bush. That doesnt give you leeway to take any thread topic, related or not, to bash him.


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Apr 18, 2000
you all need new sarcasm detectors......I think Marlin is the only one that picked up on the fact that I was making fun of Dick Cheney, who said during the 04 elections something along the lines of "the fact of the matter is that...that's more likely if you don't re-elect Bush", after discussing a nuclear bomb going off in an American city