Advice on video processing


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Nov 29, 2003
Hello all - hoping for some advice here. I have asked to get a PC at work that would be suitable for video editing. There may be some HD editing, but not a ton. Most videos will be less than 20 minutes. Primary software will be Adobe Premiere.

Here's what I was planning on getting and then the questions I have - your help is appreciated! Overall budget is under $5k. Obviously the best we can get for that $ that will last, but saving some money (say like getting 750GB HD instead of 1TB, etc) is good too.

Since this is for work, probably best to come from either Dell/HP/etc.

CPU: Core i7 or Xenon? What is the best choice here?
RAM: 8GB - would there be a significant benefit to 12 or even 16?
HD: 1TB RAID 0 - Already have a 1TB external for storage
Video: No idea here.. help!