Advice on network/internet problem please!


Junior Member
Nov 27, 2001

Am on my computer at work, where all was fine until recently.

I have usually managed to get some decent download speeds at work which has a big net connection shared to the employees over the LAN, as is the norm. I am used to getting 30 - 40 kbps +, but very recently I am getting amazingly poor connection speeds and the vast majority of my downloads stop after just a few percent and give me a connection with server reset, or something like that! I know the net is working fine on everyone elses machine and I have installed a couple of things over the last few days, such as Visual Studio 6, but I cant see that causing a problem?

Could it be a virus problem, problem with the drivers, an installation thing messing everything up!?!? Who Knows!!!?

Any advice PLEASE :) ?????