News 'Adata Switches to Slower Controller, NAND on SX8200 Pro' - @ Tom's (Update Feb 2021: More changes in components)

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Aug 11, 2001
if they been up front, told the people we are changing the controller to keep cost competitive for the buyer, they would of gotten such a better feedback, as when people are looking for bottom dollar ssd's ultimately its the price ratio as primary, then speed secondary.
The problem there is, I want to be able to read a review and know I'm getting what was reviewed, as it is not like there is a certainty I would see some statement from them after the fact, that they made changes.

The only thing acceptable to me is a different model # if anything more than very nearly equal NAND is substituted, unless of course, all performance parameters improve and still only if that's from a NAND, not controller substitution.


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Jan 24, 2014
Tom's did testing on three variants of the drive (the link is in the OP).
I was referring to the latest variant, the one which reportedly comes with the more shocking sequential performance loss of up to 800Mbps read speed among others. The data we have so far is based on a test done via a X570 PCH on the new variant versus direct CPU connection for one older & faster drive.

It was pointed out to the Reddit OP that due to previously known issues between SMI controllers and X570 boards it would be a very good idea to test the new drive while connected to the CPU lanes instead of the chipset lanes. As said before, it's the very least we can do before throwing Adata under the bus, although by now it's clear their products are no longer contenders for the premium category.