According to my Mozilla Browser, AT was Offline all day and then some


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Jul 17, 2004
All day yesterday, I would get a screen saying that the site was under maintenance (forums only), and to check back regularly. It didn't change until I shut down (was forced to do so when Mozilla froze up solidly) and then rebooted today. I usually run Win98se on the 'Net surfing PC (this one), and it will freeze if left running longer than 72 housrs or so . . What giveaway could I have looked for that I was getting something loaded from cache instead of a freshly loaded page? (I am forced to assume that was what Mozilla was doing on all of those many attempts to visit the forums that I made on Saturday.)

It's not the FireFox browser, but the original one that I think is sometimes called Sea Monkey; FireFox didn't appeal to me.