A Troll? (A stolen Brutuskend JOKE)


Apr 2, 2001
A horny man is walking under a bridge, and notices a wino passed out under it. Temptation overcomes him, and he decides to 'have his way' with the wino. After he finishes, he feels a little guilty, and decides to slip a $5.00 bill into the pocket of the wino's pants.

The next morning the wino wakes up and finds the money in his pocket. He immediately goes to the nearest liquor store and tells the clerk, "Give me $5.00 worth of the cheapest wine you've got!" The clerk returns with a gallon jug of wine, the wino pays for it and leaves. He then spends the rest of the day back under his bridge drinking.

That night after the wino passed out, the horny man walked by again, and repeated the cycle from the night before. The next morning, the wino found the money in his pocket again, and again went to the same liquor store and bought another gallon jug of cheap wine, then spent the rest of the day drinking under his bridge.

This whole process continued nightly for over a week. One night, after finishing
his business with the wino, the man felt especially guilty about his behavior, and slipped a $20.00 bill into the wino's pocket.

The next morning, after finding the money, the wino proceeds to his favorite liquor
store and requests $20.00 of their finest wine.

The clerk obliged and said, "Don't you usually come in here and get $5.00 of our cheapest wine?"

To which the wino replied "Yeah, but I gotta quit drinking that cheap stuff. It really makes my ass hurt!"