A mini/micro USB cable with both USB and audio connectors?


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Nov 18, 2004
I have a portable speaker that's powered by a mini or micro USB cord (not sure which). The mini/micro USB plugs into the speaker, and the cord also has a USB connector that it charges with.

And it also has another cable that has is a 3.5mm audio connector, that plugs into cell phones etc.

My current cable is broken, and obviously I'd rather just replace the cable than the whole speaker. Is this type of cable called anything in particular? Are cables like this available for sale on their own?


Feb 6, 2002
Lots of devices use these type of USB plugs. Just look for cables from different places.

On newegg I found this link for USB A and USB B cables:

Micro Cable

Mini Cable

They probably sell the USB A to B cables everywhere. You might also consider a converter kit with all the little connectors to convert from USB 2.O to several different types. Maybe try USB Travel Kit. They also have these for HDMI for things like Small computers and tablets. Might also look on Amazon.

Look up the device you have and see what kind of cables it uses.

I selected items with lots of reviews. Just look for the highest rating with lots of reviews.
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