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A little help please on uninstall/reinstall of Doom


Jul 11, 2001
Around last Thanksgiving I encountered a thread at Slickdeals for Doom, through CDkeys.com. I bought the game and got a code that I used to install Doom on this laptop, which has a 256GB SSD. The install involved installing Steam, so the game is under Steam in an installation folder of my own making where I install my apps, to differentiate them from Windows' own apps.

So, Steam and Doom under it are taking up almost 70GB. I have only 19GB free right now. I intend to install a bigger SSD, want to remove Doom for now to get more space on the current SSD.

Searching, I see info about moving \Steamapps somewhere and using it to reinstall Doom (or whatever) later. What? Put it on my NAS? An external HD?

Can I just use the code provided me originally by CDkeys.com to reinstall Steam and Doom later, after I install my new bigger SSD? Thanks for tips.


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Mar 10, 2007
Any game activated on Steam is yours forever unless you violate Steam's ToS and get your account banned or click a suspicious link from a random person who adds you as their friend and they steal your account.


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Nov 16, 2006
Also: Yes, you can move a game using the move feature native to steam from one steam library on one drive to another library on another drive (for example, off your SSD and onto a more spacious hard drive if you want to keep the game on the rocks until you move it back to your "play" drive).

That way you'll free up space on your SSD, and not have to redownload the game again when you want to play it.

Just google "Creating a New Steam Library Folder" and "Moving Steam Games to Another Drive" for step by step instructions.


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Jul 12, 2006
Oh wow, your first steam game....welcome to 2004! :D

Like everyone said: just uninstall everything, or not. Swap your clean drive. reinstall steam. download Doom again. all your saves are still there.

Also, as said above^ you can create a separate drive to install games. I have steam on my c drive (NvME), as well as some of my games, but also a separate game folder on my SATA SSD for a lot more games. You just choose which drive you want to put it on during the initial install with the drop down menu, after you create your separate drive(s). rest is taken care of.