a few harddrive and partition questions


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Jan 13, 2008
So recently my pc died and I ended up getting a new xps 420 from dell. Tomorrow I want to put the harddrive from the old dead pc in the new one as the slave. My question is, will I have to format the hdd right away or can I copy files from the slave to the master? I have some stuff on the old hdd i don't wanna lose so I'm hoping the format isnt necessary right away.

Second question is about the dell recovery partition. All that it seems to be is a big factory vista image and a few other misc files. I don't plan on ever using the recovery stuff cause I also have a os disc that it came with. So, is there some easy way for me to get rid of the partition and have all the space that was allocated to it moved back to the main C: drive? Would I just have to format it? I know nothing about partitioning so any help would be much appreciated



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Nov 19, 2007
Download and burn the System Rescue CD which comes with many utilities. Run GParted off of it and delete the partition. There is other free partitioning software as well.


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May 20, 2005
you will need to get rid of boot partition, else your system may try to boot from old disk and hang.

You can use Ubuntu live CD to transfer files from old PC to new via network (Ubuntu supports windows shared folders, but I am not sure if live CD can WRITE to NTFS disks.)