a/c school buses? What's next? Bidet toilets? Matrades in the cafeteria? Bathroom concierges?

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Oct 22, 1999
Nevermind that .... when I was still riding them they didn't have seatbelts. (not that kids wear them even today)
I'm pretty sure my daughter's still don't. They do have assigned seats now for some stupid reason.
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Iron Woode

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Oct 10, 1999
I remember my high school had A/C but honestly don't recall if the other schools before did. I don't think so. All of them have been torn down now as they were old buildings. My elementary school got torn down a few months ago. It was kinda bittersweet to see that. My high school was a brand new building though. As for school buses, the heat was the most important part. In June if it was hot we opened a window.
High schools in the 80's here didn't have A/C. Neither did school buses. Or city buses for that matter.

Everyone here suffered in the heat during summer and the cold in the winter.
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Ken g6

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Dec 11, 1999
School starts too early now. I thought schools didn't used to start until Labor Day.

In August, especially with global warming, kids need air conditioning.
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