650 corsair good enough?


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Dec 24, 2000
MB = Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU Intel Q9550
4 gigs of ram
2 NEC CD/DVD burners IDE...
1 Maxtor 500Gig
2 Hitachi 1TB drives
PS is a corsair 650 xt
Video = Nvidia Gforce GTX 260 (both cables are plugged into the card) Only using I guess that suppose to happen unless I use two cards then I can split it? But if I had two cards I'd probably upgrade the p/s.

I got USB keyboard, Mouse and Magic Jack plugged in for USB power.

I dunno, I heard that a 650Watt PS will make a lot of fan noise when it's under a load, so far my PS is running super quiet.

So, anyway.. I sometimes hear what my friends system does, When I put the new hard drives in I sometimes hear a clank like loss of power.

Should I be worried I'm getting close to maxing out the power supply? From what I read, the PS is suppose to be pretty good... But, if it's not maxing the power could it be defective some how?

Thanks for your help.

Also, I got 2 case fans running...


System run stable with only 1 of the Hitachi 1TB drives. So, I took all drives out, and tested the second one (drive fitness test) passed every test. Stuck both drives in and randomly click like drive just loses power. I've heard this sound before. Strange tho... Next I'm going to copy everything off of the 500, and take that drive out and see if it works with just both 2 new drives. Driving me up a wall.
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Dec 11, 1999
I am running about the same as you are except with a 5850 vid card on a 520 corsair ps


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Jan 1, 2006
You should be in the clear. You probably won't pull more than 350-400W from the PSU.


Mar 17, 2008
I ran a corsair hx520 with the specs in my sig for a month without problems, until I got my new PS. But I don't overclock at all no need to