5930K or 6700K and the benefits of either.

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Jun 2, 2009
Also, Newegg has the 5930K for $479 right now (had it for $459 earlier). Since the nearest Microcenter to me is 2 hours away, might be worth paying a little extra to have it shipped to me. Kind of kicking myself for not getting the 5820K when Fry's had it for $276 a few weeks ago.
Jesus christ. I should not read here anymore. Makes me f jealous. For $276 best I could get would be a i5-4690k.

Prices here:

5930k: over $600
6700k: $499
5820k: $420
4790k: $380

At $276 got a 5820k I would not think twice about buying it.

On the other hand I'm glad I don't have to deal with your guys internet "providers".


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Nov 15, 2005
Wow, I can't believe it took that long to get to you. I though my AM3+ board took a long time when it got to me a week ago. At least your combo didn't have MIRs that you have to deal with along with the huge delays like the 4790k and 4690k buyers.
Heh, I also ordered the MSI + 8350 combo but that all came pretty fast.

There's actually a small $10 rebate with the motherboard but I managed to get back almost $30 CAD for how long it took the X99/5830 to ship. TD is actually sending me check instead of store credit which surprised me. I'm just happy we finally got some good deals as our Amerifriends who live within driving distance of MC are the lucky ones.

I had the opportunity to finally go to a MicroCentre in Philly a few weeks ago (was at a conference for something else) and ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Crazy deals and very helpful staff. They have stupid cheap AMD combo pricing like FX 8320E + AsRock 990FX Fatality boards for $149 which also came with a Dirt 3 game steam code. No silly rebates to deal with either which was a bonus as they're not redeemable in Canada.

That being said the TD pricing error for the 5930K + X99 board was actually cheaper to buy in Canada but I almost pulled the trigger on another 5930K for $399 US :D
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