5 days with Nexus 4

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Jul 10, 2007
Every time I try to use an android device I'm reminded about how terrible the scrolling is. It's just jerky. I used a RAZR HD with 4.1 all this weekend and just web browsing was cringe-worthy. Scrolling isn't smooth, zooming isn't smooth, tap to zoom is just... Off. There's just something about the way it LOOKS that doesn't sit right with me. The problem is that it CAN be smooth. Sometimes I'll start using it and it will be fine, and then 30s later it's not. "Lag" really isn't the word I would use. It's just jerky. Like its spending system time somewhere else other than what I'm doing and then when I got to scroll in a web page it's like "Oh, hey? You want to do that now? Ok, just give me a few... Nano... Seconds... THERE!"

Of course, it's perfectly functional, it's just not elegant.

What browser were u using?
Feb 19, 2001
Is this two different cameras or the same one? The top pasta is much better than the 2nd pasta one. The two pizza ones are hard to figure out. It's not very obvious on which one is capturing accurate colors (if that red is just over saturated or not). I would say the pizza photos are on the same order of quality.

iphone 5 is the more saturated one.