4850 drivers won't install *need help*


Jan 6, 2002
I Googled this and am getting nowhere. Specs:

C2D on P35 MB, 2 gigs DDR2, 1gb XFX 4850. Windows 7 64 Retail, Nothing's overclocked. I woke up this morning and my PC had rebooted on it's own, it was saying it recommended a repair of Win 7. I've seen this before so I just selected start normally and it didn't. So I let it do the repair and I got back to my desktop. It gave me a message saying ATI drivers cannot be found. So I tried reinstalled the drivers, no dice. I tried downloaded the latest 9.12, no dice. I tried 9.11 no dice. I uninstalled the drivers, removed the device and rebooted. Reinstalled the drivers, got no error but when it rebooted again "cannot be found" went into device manager and there's a ! next to my 4850, I tried to update the drivers but it said they were fine/current. So I removed the CCC/drivers and rebooted, same thing when I reinstalled. So, I went into the INF folder made an ATI one and moved the 4 ATI*.* files into it, removed CCC/drivers rebooted, same thing. If I let Windows find a suitable driver it doesn't work either.

My system's working besides this, I'm at 1600x1200 and everything that doesn't need 3D acceleration is running like normal. I'm out of idea what to do to fix this. Any suggestions?