3850 stability issue


Sep 6, 2003
i am having an issue w/ a 3850 it is the asus version w/ the big ass heatsink - it will crash on coh:eek:f (the game that came w/ the card), crysis and cod4. i have run it o/c'd and then at stock speeds both w/ the random reboots, and this is on a machine that hasn't ever been unstable. in fact this last week i have had more computer crashes w/ this certain machine than i have probably had in the last 5yrs from all the computers i have built since then. before this the machine ran extremely stable w/ a x1800xt 256. wtf. i have only had this card a bit over a month, because i can't return it to newegg...so off to asus it is going.

fwiw, it does seem to happen more w/ the new 8.7c than it did before, but this card is hardly stable...
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