2500k to 6600k

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Sep 5, 2003
RussianSensation, with the price gouging on the 6700K we're seeing on Newegg, it's actually cheaper to get a 5820K.
i5 6600K on the EGG is $270 US. I don't remember Newegg jacking up prices prior to the holidays like that. I guess they are cashing in on the holiday season and so many gamers building new rigs for FO4, SW:BF, BO3, etc.

That is the bonus I recently got when I upgraded from a 2500k to a 2600k. 400 more mhz per core of easy and stable overclock compared to my 2500k which helped the fps minimums even on older games. But I am not trying to pair that with a 980 ti level setup. If I did a platform upgrade I think something like a 5820k is more bang for the buck.

Even with a 2600K OC, I'd still get a single 980Ti or even a card 50% faster. Sure the latest CPUs are faster but crank on AA/higher IQ and you are again GPU limited in many games. I think you and I can coast to BW-E or SKL-E even. :D
Nov 20, 2005
I think you and I can coast to BW-E or SKL-E even. :D
Maybe longer if you mostly game like me. There is all this downward pressure on CPUs for gaming. Directx 12 takes away CPU driver overhead, while CPU weak consoles prevent game designs that aren't highly multithreaded. Meanwhile every new AAA ported game has some sort of new over the top visual trick that makes it hard to get 60fps at 1080p on a 980 ti. A card 50% faster for $1200 would sell like hotcakes. It's crazy.


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Jul 8, 2014

What kind of a fair comparison is it to pit a 2500K DDR3 + GTX670 against a 6700K HT with a GTX970 in FO4 when we know that game is crazy sensitive to RAM performance speed, far more than IPC?
That scene is Pure cpu/memory speed limited.You should try it.Thats why GPU does not matter at all.Except AMD GPU will have terible performance because cpu overhead.
i found those results much more interesting because i found that spot myself and i know how to test cpus.
You can trust some websites like gamegpu.ru with 100+ fps in every game with 2500k, but thats just not true.They dont know how to test cpus.

I only showed real life performace in cpu demanding scene with few differend systems.

btw i have few more results from that scene:
Old results
6700k 4.5Ghz 3000DDR4 cl14 +gtx970 70fps
6700k 3Ghz 3000DDR4 cl14 + gtx970 54fps
Xeon 6core sandy bridge 4.3ghz quad channel DDR3 1600cl9 + gtx760 52fps
4670k 4,7Ghz 2400DDR3 cl11 +gtx970 52fps
2600K 4.5Ghz 1600DDR3 cl9 +gtx670 49fps
I7 4820K 4,2Ghz quad channel DDR3 1866 + r9 290 28fps
AMD FX 8370E 4,5GHz 1600DDR3 cl11 + r9 290 22fps

New added
4930K 4.4Ghz 2400DDR3 cl11 + r9 290 33.3Fps
3570k 4.2Ghz 1600DDR3 cl9 GTX980 43fps
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