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Mar 12, 2012
We have bad ARTESYN Model 7000756-0000 Rev A P/S that we like to repair .
The faulty item is 20NGOC3
Can you let us the data sheet for him


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Oct 9, 1999
Various Google searches for the manufacturer and model number find:

1. This model number also comes up as an IBM 650 watt supply.

2. The brand name, Artesyn was acquired by a company called Emerson in 2006. IBM may have used this company as an OEM supplier for their machines.

I phoned them to see if they could direct me to a source for the info you want. The tech told me they acquired only the name and the embedded power part of the product line. He suggested contacting IBM, which is now owned by Lenovo.

3. If the supply is six years old or more, it would probably cost less to replace it with a new, more efficient unit than to repair it.

Hope that helps. :)

As a product designer with a green conscience, I hate the fact that we live in a disposable economy where it's less costly to replace so much hardware than to repair it, but the other side of that it has created an entire new industry for tearing down and recycling the components and materials of these products and safely disposing of the toxic elements in them.
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