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2020 Formula Boinc Sprints

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Feb 14, 2014
I wouldn't call it shady or cheap shot. When you're in a competition, every point you gain counts. The strategies didn't always work out. It back fired on us a few times, remember? So, for us to do that, we'd have to calculated to see if we had enough power or not and there're times proven that we didn't have enough. Not like we can just go around and cheap shot people as we want.
And as far as I can remembered, I got involved with FB and Pent about the same time. The Pent maybe a year before I knew about FB. But I'm pretty sure i was in every Pent since 2018? or maybe 2017 ... but anyways, if i was in the Pent then there's no way i had time to cheap shot you guys.

Maybe i should just go back to run WCG and Einstein like before I knew about all of this. But then where's the fun?
It was 2018 or 2019. The FB Sprint was a GPU sprint when the Pent wasn't running a GPU leg. It bumped [H] from 2nd to like 5th. I'd have to go back and look to get the exact year and how many places we dropped due to it.

I can say, without a doubt it's the reason you don't see [H] participating in FB anymore.