2007 Jaguar S-Type & 2004 Volvo YCC Concept

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Oct 28, 1999
I drove an '04 S-Type 4.2L for a week. While the seats were comfortable, and the accelleration was "okay", I couldn't ever see paying $50,000 + for it. The back seat was pretty small, and the trunk was terrible. Yes, it was a big shiny Jag...but I guess I want a little more for the $$.

I just wasn't that impressed for the price of the car. Am I nuts for thinking that?


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Oct 10, 1999
I like how the doors open on the Volvo.....thats about it. Looks too plane from the side, plus I hope thats not black plastic going from the side curtains to the rear end. Ugh.
I like the new S type though. But its a year or two, too far away, 2007??