2-screen setup: want 1 in portrait, 1 in landscape


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Mar 26, 2001
right now I've *got* 2 monitors, one of which is capable of pivoting from standard orientation (wider than it is tall) to 'portrait' (taller than it is wide). Both screens are run from the same video card, though, and if I switch the one monitor, video on the 2nd is flipped, as well. Is there any way that I can set things up so that the one screen can be flipped without affecting the other?



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Jan 7, 2004
You might need to be a bit more specific with regards to what video card, monitors, and OS you are running.

A few questions/suggestions either way...

Have you tried swapping the DVI cables on the card?
latest drivers for the video card?
drivers for both monitors, or are the just "Generic LCD"?


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Jan 7, 2007
mullet is right. you really need to give the basic info before anyone can even attempt to help you.

off hand though:

the old NV dualview drivers for 2k and xp handled this stuff fine. the main thing is setting primary/secondary displays correctly so the other monitor doesnt get rotated. its all in the display settings of the nv tab. dont have much experience with amd/ati, but that stuff should be in the controlpanel also.

it's more of a crapshoot with vista, nv and amd drivers dont have full control of the video as part of the hardware/driver crash prevention separation. but i saw a few settings for display rotation last time i tested a second monitor on vista.

there are a couple of hp monitors that have pivot mounts with sensors that detect orientation and change the display rotation automatically. you need the hp drivers for this to work. assuming they ever solved it since the review i read on it a couple of years ago.