2.5" HDD to a IDE


Dec 7, 2005
Hey all, just had a quick question regarding connecting a 2.5" laptop hard drive to a desktop via a 40->44 pin converting unit.

I have it hooked up and it will show on the bios and will show up as a drive when I boot into windows. As soon as I click on it, however, it just hangs and will eventually get My Computer (Not Responding) and I'll have to manually shut down explorer.exe to get it to close. I tried inverting the cable running to the HDD, but when put in the other way the computer won't get past the post screen, so I assume I have it connected the right way.

Can anyone offer advice on how to get it up and running? I need to extract information off of it for a friend. Thanks!


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Jan 12, 2001
just to cover all areas...
1. are you working with all known goods? converter? molex power cable connected?
2. if you are able to see it under bios, then i'd try to boot off of Knoppix and recover files there.