15th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season Race: Mark's Marauders win!

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May 1, 2003
Haha, I built a PC for my brother in law for Christmas, working with my parents who bought the NVMe drive, ram and cooler. I provided the 9700k, motherboard PSU, case and building. And RGB tuning :D I had installed a GTX 1060 to stress test it for a bit - and Fold for the race, of course. Eventually it had run for a few days so I pulled the GPU, boxed it up and shipped it to him.

Critically he had a 2060 he bought last year paired with his FX 8320 and he put that in himself after UPS delivered the gift. The last four or days he had it running after getting it all switched around and the 2060 paired with the new 9700k - we never discussed this - and he let F@H run. That seems to have made all the difference :D. I called him today to thank him and let him know it was good to remove F@H... for now ;)

I did add my 5700xt for the last twelve hours, but last season my weak 5700xt died outright after the race. Given my card now has no warranty and there are no replacements available, I only used it sparingly.

Side note - my brother in laws 8320/8GB/240GB SSD/GTX 760 brought $250 cash locally! How great/crazy/sad is that?
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