15" programmer laptop?

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    I'm thinking of a new laptop, right now I am on a 13" Macbook Pro (mid 2010), but I never took to OS X so I am currently only running Windows 8.

    Several thins have me wanting a new laptop:
    - screen a bit too small for programming
    - feeling slow
    - getting Windows, Linux and OS X triple booted is like performing brain surgery

    I'm thinking a Windows 8 15" i7 laptop would be just the thing. I'd like Windows 8 but I might throw Linux on it, too. So something that has a reasonable Linux drivers would be a plus.

    Nice screen is a must. I don't suppose there are any touchscreen 15" out yet?
    SSD and 8 gigs ram is a good thing too.

    Cost is not primary concern but under 2000 would be good.

    Anyone got suggestions? Thanks!
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  3. Zodiark1593

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    There's definitely plenty out there. I'll look after work.

    I remember my first laptop, 14", but thanks to my suckish eyes, programming on it from my bedside was a PITA. My next lappy, I went 17" and, even with the weight and size penalty, never regretted it. :D

    Anyway, I'm going off topic. Also, do you have a preference for keyboards? Chiclet or standard. If you're spending a couple grand, you'd better get the perfect lappy.
  4. Obsoleet

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    For that screensize, I'd prob look at the Samsung 5 or 9 series.


    Good price, epic keyboard. If my requirements were yours, that's what I'd get.

    I'm more of a fan of the under 15" scene.. namely the Samsung Chromebook and HP DM1Z (Brazos) stuff.
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    I have a dell 15.6 in latitude for my job that is quite nice, but was expensive. If you want to carry it around much you might want to think about the weight of a 17 in model. The dell I have has a nice 1080p screen, but is pretty heavy to carry around. As others tend to suggest Lenovo also makes some nice models.