10,000 RPM vs. RAID

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Sep 9, 2005
Originally posted by: CloE
The raptors not only fast, but durable too. While all other WD drives offer 1 or 3 yrs warranty, the raptors come with 5 and solid running 24/7 for me like a rock. I won't hesitates to setup raid 0 with 2 raptors, most people use them for boot drive anyway.

A good warranty is great for getting a drive replaced; however, that does not mean that the drive will actually last until the end of your warranty period. I seem to recall a number of people complaining that their Seagate drives did not last 5 years, like the warranty said they would...

Note that I am not knocking the Raptor's reliability, I just wouldn't count on your warranty being good at actually protecting your data when the drive fails. And the drives will fail eventually.