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  1. vishnumvn

    Z370 Motherboard for 8400?

    Hi techies, Please suggest a good budget MotherBoard for intel 8400 processor Thanks in advance Vishnu.
  2. A

    Anyone know where i could find a list explaining Z370 intel bios terms

    Well theres many terms that im not familiar with in the bios. is my first time owning a msi board however i have owned gigabyte boards asus intel ect. im familiar with alot of the terms but not all. Example i know basic C states but forget wich CPU power saving features i should disable. I want...
  3. Syranolic

    iSRT with NVMe 960 EVO in PRIME Z370-A?

    It's been a while since I built a system, and I just assumed I would be able to use a 64G partition on a SSD to accelerate a large mechanical SATA drive like I used to. The SSD is setup as a M.2 PCI-E device in slot 1 and the BIOS is configured to use RAID rather than AHCI. Windows 10 is booting...
  4. DeadlyTitan

    Z370 Board help for i7 8700(non K)

    So i am building a pc with i7 8700(non k) CPU and having a bit of confusion in choosing the board for my build. These are the boards available to me. MSI Z370 Gaming Plus MSI Z370 A-Pro Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Asus Prime Z370 - P So among them, which one is the best? those are the only...
  5. GamingDaemon

    Has Anyone tried the Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7?

    Hello! My 8700K shipped today so now I need a motherboard (and memory). Has anyone tried this motherboard, and what are their thoughts/feelings about it: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard Thanks in advance!
  6. Arachnotronic

    Intel Coffee Lake Buyer's Thread

    Intel's Coffee Lake processors and Z370-based motherboards are expected to go on sale on October 5. This is a thread where people who have purchased Coffee Lake processors or who have intent to purchase Coffee Lake processors to discuss Coffee Lake related things such as: Which Coffee Lake CPU...