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  1. Dayman1225

    Nvidia announces DRIVE PX Pegasus for Level 5 autonomous driving, featuring Post Volta arch.

  2. Baasha

    Nvidia Intern Leaks Photo of Titan Volta

    This genius who is an intern at Nvidia leaked a photo of the Titan Volta (supposedly). Guess he's hunting for a new job now.
  3. S

    NVIDIA GeForce 20 Series (Volta) to be released later this year - GV100 announced

    May 10 Update: GV100 Announced - The World’s Most Advanced Data Center GPU - GV100 GPU - 21.1 billion, 815 mm2 - 5120 CUDA cores, 320 TMUs - GPU clock 1455 MHz - TSMC 12 nm FFN high performance manufacturing process customized for NVIDIA - Exceptional performance per watt. - Higher clocks and...
  4. S

    Nvidia is Teasing Something To Be Released 29/04

    www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-is-teasing-something-to-be-released-29-04-1.html New hardware? Something else?
  5. Arachnotronic

    NVIDIA Volta Rumor Thread

    Sweepr, who is a master of finding leaks on Baidu, recently found a treasure trove of leaks about NVIDIA's next-gen GPU arch called Volta. I am quoting and linking his post to get this discussion started. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/nvidia-pascal-thread.2463869/page-175#post-38732785
  6. S

    Next Generation Tegra (Xavier SoC): Custom ARM64 + Volta

    7 Billion Transistors - TSCM 16 FF 8 Core Custom ARM64 CPU 512 Core Volta GPU New Computer Vision Accelerator Dual 8K HDR Video Processors 20 TOPS DL, 160 SPECINT in 20W Sampling Q4 2017 www.anandtech.com/show/10713/gtc-europe-2016-nvidia-keynote-live-blog-with-ceo-jenhsun-huang#comments

    Nvidia Volta Discussion

    I call dibs nvidia will unveil its own Async Compute implementation called AsyncWorks with Volta and buried AMD/RTG with the new and improved GameFinallyWorks program. /s Joking aside, how are your thought on nvidia's upcoming Volta Architecture? It will have a substantial performance boost...