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  1. UglyCasanova

    WaPo op piece: Progressives can’t be trusted with Medicare-for-all

    Opinion piece as in someone’s opinion. Please discuss your take on that opinion. This does not represent the opinion held of everyone at WaPo. This is not fact but opinion. Not sure how much more of a disclaimer about it being an opinion I can give...
  2. UglyCasanova

    8-Year-Old Migrant Child From Guatemala Dies in U.S. Custody An 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died in United States custody early Christmas Day, the second death of a child in detention at the southwest border in less than three...
  3. Hayabusa Rider

    Remember that shutdown Trump WILL have?

    Well......Trump folds. Huckelbee should be particularly disconnected from reality with this and Flynn. She's scheduled to lie this afternoon.