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    Question Laptop CPU Package Power under full load - Can someone enlighten me?

    I've been looking for an explanation all over the internet. So basically there are two laptops with the same CPU (i7-8750h). In a Cinebench run, both score pretty much the same. Both sustain 3.9 Ghz throughout the benchmark. WHY one shows in HWinfo CPU Package Power: 70W and the other 45W? I...
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    Why TDP mismatch between Skylake-X and Ryzen 5

    How is it possible that the stock i7-7800X and Ryzen 5 1600X have the same cores, threads, base and boost clocks but the former has a TDP of 140W and the latter only 95W? That is a massive difference.
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    1080 SLI power utilization low, 8x/8x PCIe lanes issue?

    Even with SLI turned off and power target set to 120% TDP my 1080 FTW won't draw the power it is allowed to (except in Furmark, where it goes up to 115%) even if it is 98-99% busy as in Fire Strike. In Fire Strike Ultra it is 85-95% TDP. If SLI is on and employed by game or application, neither...
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    Questions regarding dual processor boards

    Hi, Can anyone help me understand a bit more about dual processor boards? Taking Supermicro X10DRL-i I have the following questions: 1# In a dual processor board (the one described above) where the following is stated: Those 145W TDP is per processor? Meaning that two Intel® Xeon® Processor...