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  1. butterflymink

    Question Which drawing tablet should I get as a beginner?

    I'm trying to get into drawing on my pc and I'm having a tough time on deciding which one is best for my very first one. I have small budget which is between $15-$25. I've found some on Facebook Marketplace and I need help on which one is better. These are my options: XP-Pen StarG640 ($15)...
  2. Audrey Teles

    Solved! Is there a way to run an .EXE file on a mobile device? Keeping all its functions? So that the software works well?

    I would like desktop software to work on a mobile device, even if some change has to be made to your operating system. Regardless of what needs to be done on the mobile device in order for this program to work, I'm willing to test it since the device is a quad core M9 Multilaser tablet with...
  3. K

    Hp Spectre X360 - usb drive detection on start using the bios secure boot option

    Hi, I bought a second hand HP Spectre X360 13" (2016 model), I installed Windows 10 on the system a few months ago using the 'legacy mode', however, now I wanted to reinstall using the 'secure boot' option on & 'legacy mode' off. For complete picture's sake, I will also be installing Ubuntu/...
  4. A

    Mali-T830MP2 vs Mali-T760MP2

    I'm looking for a budget 10" tablet for gaming, mainly Real Racing. So far I have found 2 tablets, both have 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage + SDCARD. Option 1 have Mali-T830MP2 GPU, Option 2 have Mali-T760MP2. So which GPU is best for 3d gaming?
  5. cesarrom

    Which peripheral keyboard is better?

    I'm traveling around my country for work reasons and I brought my tablet with me, so I can keep making documents and things like that. I just noticed that it is unconfortable for me to use the touch keyboard (just in time, I know :c ), so I was looking for an android keyboard here where I am, I...
  6. H

    lenovo tablet window upgrade

    I try to upgrade window 8 to window 10 in lenovo tablet atom but without success. Can someone instruct the procedure for a window 10 tablet upgrade?
  7. Raswan

    Asus Tablet won't charge despite battery replacement

    Hey folks, Got an Asus Tranformer TF701T I bought my wife that has become the bane of my existence. It stopped charging, and despite it being exactly 1 month out of the 1 year warranty period Asus told me to fuck off. I've checked the charger in multiple outlets and put it in the freezer (to...