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  1. S

    WCG Christmas Race 2018

    WCG race from December 01, 00:00 UTC to December 26, 00:00 UTC* 23:59:59 UTC *) or rather, to December 25, 23:59 UTC As far as I understand, WCG calculates team challenge stats (in WCG points) based on user stats (in BOINC credits, multiplied by 7) snapshot taken at 00:00 UTC. But they...
  2. N

    detailed number sheets/comparisons for major RAM's?

    Hey, I'm currently trying to decide, which RAM I'm gonna buy. But I can't find ANY document or review that covers all the not so obvious numbers. Like the latency, voltage, max speeds etc. So the stats which in the end make a difference in the decision. Does anyone know a place, where such stats...
  3. petrusbroder

    13th Annual Folding@Home Holiday Season race

    The race starts December 1, 18:00 UTC and ends January 1, 12:00 UTC Here are the rules: 1: Have fun. 2: Let others have fun. 3: Crunch as much as you can, as often as you can and as efficiently as you can. 4: Assimilating computers, adding members to the teams, switching teams and borghing is...
  4. petrusbroder

    preparatory thread for the 13th Annual Holiday Season Folding@Home Race

    OK, folks, time is approaching for, AFAIK, the longest regular race the TeAm has ever had ... 12 years are done, the 13th is on it's way. Much will be as usual: start December 1, 18:00 UTC; end ... that is a question, the stats are a problem, etc. because I'll be away on a long trip to the...
  5. petrusbroder

    Which projects to vote for in the Pentathlon Race?

    OK, folks it is that time of year again. Before I register the TeAm in the race we need to decide which projects to vote for. Here is the link to the rules and thus how to select projects. Discussion is encouraged. Deadline for registration and voting is April 27, 2018. Deadline for...
  6. petrusbroder

    Wow, what a revival of the DC-forum!

    Some two years ago, or even less, this forum vas a much less lively place than it is now. The technical discussions were scarce, the fighting spirit also and the TeAm's participation in races was ... poor. OK, when we participated we did reasonably good, but we did not participate in so many...
  7. Ken g6

    PrimeGrid Races 2018

    Current race: GFN-21 (and only 21!), December 11-21 (22:23 UTC) Now that Christmas is over, it's time to think about the new year...of PrimeGrid races! Here's the (tentative) list of all races for this year (thanks to @StefanR5R): Date Time UTC Project Challenge...
  8. Ken g6

    PrimeGrid Races 2017

    Current race: PPS Sieve, December 18-21 (16:28 UTC) Welcome to another year of PrimeGrid races! Here's the (tentative) list of all races for this year: What you need: One or more fast x86 processors. (Even slow ones might do!) Windows (Vista or later 64-bit, or XP or later 32-bit), Linux, or...