Wow, what a revival of the DC-forum!


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Nov 28, 2004
Some two years ago, or even less, this forum vas a much less lively place than it is now.
The technical discussions were scarce, the fighting spirit also and the TeAm's participation in races was ... poor. OK, when we participated we did reasonably good, but we did not participate in so many races ....
Today we are constantly racing: FormulaBoinc, PrimeGrid, Seti-WOW, Penthatlon, Folding@Home race for the second continuous month, WCG-races (yes, I will enter the TeAm in a few more...).
The TeAm´s production is also rising and although we are a small team (compared to quite a few others) we are doing very well.

Therefore I would like to thank all of you, none mentioned*, none forgotten*, for this revival, friendship, passion, exchange of information and knowledge, good advice, the friendliness in communication and the very friendly atmosphere in this forum.

I feel at ease here, and I recognize the TeAm-feeling as we had it some 5 - 7 or many more years ago, when one of the main problems was how to feed the Seti@Home app with different queue-applications, when we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different "optimized" applications and when producing 1 million points took a year or three with an at that time powerful computer.
I really like this.

Thanks, all TeAm-mates!

* The problem is, if I mention 10 TeAm-members, I am bound to forget at least 5. If I mention 15, I still am likely to forget 5 others.


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Jan 4, 2013
I'm not new to Anandtech, but I'm new to DC (except for some folding I did for another team back in the early 2000's). I really appreciate being made to feel at home here, thanks to all who have helped me without making me feel dumb. TeAm spirit is something hard to come by on an Internet forum these days!


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Aug 11, 2016
Really glad to be part of The TeAm. I didn't know that this place is quiet for a while. But, it's pretty warm for me. A lot of helpful and fun members around here.
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Nov 4, 1999
Afraid I'm still only sporadically posting here :flushed:, but good to here it's been more active :), maybe I'll pop in more often!

Hey Tony! I wondered where that TA babe got to!!:astonished:


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May 16, 2002
Well, I have been on since 2002, and became a mod about 2007-2008 ish and have been folding since 1999, and got down to number 29 in the world for F@H until the curecoin people started knocking me down. I just started a picture thread of my farm, please add a post of your farm ! Requested by ao_ika_red I think. I will have to look back and correct the name if I got it wrong.