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  1. U

    Question Lenovo Customer Support?

    I have been researching new Laptops for a while (my eyes are bleeding) and all set on the Thinkpad X1 Extreme... was able to customize some options I wanted and ready to part with my money. There was a glitch in their "shopping cart" interface and I couldn't get it to go to the payment page. I...
  2. dkkruse

    Cox or FiOS? - DC area

    My FiOS contract is up, and although the service is good, I hate the fact that you're stuck with their router. So I'm thinking of switching to Cox. The FiOS Quantum router is mediocre at best and not compatible with MESH networking. I can't access the ONT to change routers so can't go...
  3. Pink Jazz

    MSI - Would you RMA using USPS?

    My grandpa from Puerto Rico had problems with his A68HM Grenade motherboard that we had to RMA. MSI recommends using UPS or FedEx for RMAs. Since it is cost prohibitive to RMA using those carriers from Puerto Rico, I decided to order him another one of the same model on Amazon and RMA the...