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    Help suggesting a server build using an amd cpu

    Hi all. I am building a server for my college for research purposes and would like to use an amd cpu that will get me 32 threads. I am unsure whether to use a threadripper or go for one the epyc cpus. The research is going to mostly be comparing a similar 32 thread intel machine's performance...
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    Help suggest a cpu for my amd server

    Hi all. I am building a small server for my college for use in research and to compare performances with an intel server we have that uses two Intel - Xeon E5-2620 cpus. I am trying to decide between using the threadripper 1950x or an epyc 7351p cpu. What are the pros/cons of each choice? I...
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    Advice on Xeon cpu for home server

    Hi people first post on these forums for me! I'm looking at building my new home server, used to have an old Mac mini alongside a synology nas that held the storage for me. I'm looking to go beyond this now with an all in one custom build solution. Not quite decided on the OS yet but I have...
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    512n or 512e SAS drives on new server

    I'm buying a HP DL380 server with their P440ar smart controller. I will be installing Server 2016 and Hyper-V. HP offer 2 flavours of SAS drives - 512n and 512e. Which would you buy and why? Thanks in advance.
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    Opinion for a Windows Server build for a small office

    Hi, I would like to ask for your opinions regarding a server build. I was asked to get a server for a small company, in order to replace an old one (HP ProLiant ML110 G5 upgraded to 4Gb RAM) that is just struggling to be up to the job. The company has 4 computers in a windows network, which...