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  1. Lievett

    Question Vertical dark shadow "line" on new monitor.

    Hello. A few days ago I got a new monitor, a Millenium MD 27 pro 165 HZ. On the second day of use, when I turned it on, a vertical dark shadow appeared at the center of the screen. Weirdly, this shadow goes away after approx 30-40 mins once the monitor is turned on. Once it goes off, it doesnt...
  2. R

    Ideal display size?

    To me, the 6.7 inch screen size smartphone manufacturers have settled to seems a bit too big. I realize this might be the trend because a lot of individuals use phones as the primary device for media consumption and as such, display size becomes more important. Since I use my laptop most of...
  3. B

    System crashing due to # of RAM sticks????

    So...lately my computer has started to crash. The symptom is a blue screen given about an unrecoverable error that will randomly happen. When it happens, it happens every time I reboot. It is the same or similar screen I get when I overclock the memory or CPU too much. My System: ASRock X99...
  4. IBMJunkman

    Screens blanking

    Putting this here as I think it is a video problem. Strange problem. System specs below. I have 2 TVs connected via HDMI and DP. One is using an Actiontec My Wireless TV wifi system to get signal to the remote Samsung. The problem is the screens randomly go black then come back on. The remote...
  5. S

    Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Thread

    Via: Source: Impressive screen-to-body ratio if true.