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  1. Shmee

    Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 $499 @ newegg

    May not be the best discount ever, but it is finally a decent price on a very good Vega card. Sapphire is THE brand to get for high end AMD cards IMO, and this has triple fans unlike the lesser pulse version. Cheaper than powercolor and Asus competitor cards for Vega 64. Only problem is a 1080...
  2. harobikes333

    Comparing similar RX 580 8GB

    I recently purchased the beginning parts to build a new system: Parts List (Ryzen 1800x build, Pure AMD) I'm looking at getting a RX 580 8GB for the GPU... Prices are alsmot down to MSRP on a few o_O I compared some 8GB RX580's on Newegg. Is it worth waiting to finish the build in...
  3. R

    Sapphire R7 265 Dual X Driver Issue with Ryzon 5 1500x

    Hi, Recently i have upgraded my CPU from i5 750 to Ryzen R5 1500x With Asus B350M Plus Motherboard & 16 GB RAM. With Intel i5 750 + R7 265 Dual X i had no issues of CTD. After upgrading, am getting CTD for All Games. I have tried updating Bios & All Drivers Still Crashes after 5 minutes of game...
  4. S

    Help troubleshooting Sapphire R9 390 instability and crashes

    I have been having a lot of issues with my Sapphire R9 390 graphics card. I have gone through a total of 4 as a result of RMAs, and I am currently using card #4. Here is the list of symptoms I have had with each iteration of the card. Card 1: Developed fault after 5 months. Display would...
  5. EXCellR8

    Sapphire RX480 8GB Nitro OC - No video, Win 10

    Finally got around to finalizing the setup on my Z170 i5 computer and everything was going swimmingly until I went to install AMD drivers for a brand new RX 480 8GB... AMD drivers being the Achilles heel of any good machine of course. OS install went fine, as did the MSI board drivers, but...