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  1. mmooppiiee

    Question why won't my rgb on my case and fans light up?

    hello everyone, i have an evetech ares gaming case with 4 rgb fans and 2 rgb light strips. i don't know exactly when it happened, but i think i was playing minecraft when all my rgb froze in one colour. i turned off my pc and back on and there was no rgb. my fans were spinning but there was no...
  2. blckgrffn

    Question Noctua 14cm Fan Replacement - Needs moar RGB

    I know I might take some grief for this, but I have a large Noctua cooler that has been gifted to me. I bought the AM4 kit for peanuts from Newegg and am preparing to install it. It's one where the fan is mounted parallel to the motherboard. The giant, brown and surely amazing three pin fan is...
  3. W

    Question LED Switch flickering, Fans not spinning

    Hey there, I recently bought the „Matrexx 70 3F add-rgb“ case which contains several pre-installed rgb-fans and other rgb stuff. Having moved all my hardware from my old case, everything seems to perform smoothly, besides 2 issues: - The front fans are not spinning. Their built in rgbs do work...
  4. C

    Does the G.Skill Trident Z RGB lighting automatically turn off in sleep mode?

    Hi, I have the Trident Z RGB RAM, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it so the ram lighting would automatically turn off when I put my computer in sleep mode without having to manually turn it off via the Asus Aura software.
  5. alexruiz

    RGB fan that can be controlled by motherboard?

    Hi everyone. I am building a PC for a customer, and he wants additional RGB fans. I was checking the egg and found the aigo r3 3 pack for a good price. After reading more details I noticed that the fan has a proprietary 6-pin connector, and this connector goes into the aigo controller. They...
  6. DeadlyTitan

    Pulling the trigger on Trident Z RGB Ram, May God Help Me If This Does Nt Wrk. R thy even worth It?

    First of all sorry for long title and dopey spellings, was character limited lol. Its been 2 weeks and i have entered my vacation and i am getting pretty impatient cause the stupid ram i want is out of stock (Corsair Vengeance RGB, since i heard it have better compatibility with msi boards)...
  7. DeadlyTitan

    MSI GPU with ASUS Motherboard? Help with RGB

    So i have an MSI Gaming X Trio GTX 1080 Ti card and Asus ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING Intel Motherboard, MSI Card comes with Msi Mystic Light and the asus board comes with Asus Aura Sync, i know using 2 different software's to controls RGB's will be bad and read some RGB's going dead cause of using 2...
  8. D

    RGB controller amperage

    So I have a RGB controller that's rated at 4 A per channel with having four channels . One for red, blue, green and white . So I wanted to know is this actually divided amongst between all four channels or can I actually pull 10 amps from one channel without using the others?
  9. D

    TT Riing 12 RGB on my P8H61 M-LE Motherboard?

    Hi there, I'm planning to buy Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB 3 Pack. The package includes 3 rgb fans, 1 controller, and some cables. Each fan has 5 pin to the controller. And 4 pin controller to the motherboard. But my motherboard supports only 3 pin. So my question is, can I control the...