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MSI GPU with ASUS Motherboard? Help with RGB


Oct 20, 2017
So i have an MSI Gaming X Trio GTX 1080 Ti card and Asus ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING Intel Motherboard, MSI Card comes with Msi Mystic Light and the asus board comes with Asus Aura Sync, i know using 2 different software's to controls RGB's will be bad and read some RGB's going dead cause of using 2 different software's (at least the ram RGB's died in someone's case). I am scared and dont want to kill off my RGB's as this is a brand new system and it really costed me a lot of money and effort. I want to keep it simple and just want to use the asus aura sync as i also use it control my ram RGB's, so my question is will there be any problems/complications in using asus aura to control the MSI GPU? or should i use the MSI mystic light for the GPU ? wont they conflict ? Please help