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  1. Nobece

    Question Looking to buy a new gaming mouse, can I pair a wireless straight to the USB B of the new xbox?

    Howdy all, Firstly yes I am a console gamer bit older so I find consoles are simpler to handle and perfect for how often I play. But wanting to transition off the controller and more towards the keyboard and mouse so I can play a bit better and have a little more freedom now that games on Xbox...
  2. R

    Help me clear up Thunderbolt 3 eGFX vs PCI performance difference

    Hi, A rumor has been spreading on the Internet, that a non-eGFX certified PCI Thunderbolt 3 enclosure may be slower than an eGFX-certified one. An example of a non-certified one is the Akitio Node Pro. An example of a certified one is the Razer Core X. Both released this year. The only...
  3. J

    AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB DDR3 - Capable of streaming?

    I am looking into streaming my PC games (H1z1 Kotk, Destiny 2, Eco, etc.) and was wondering if my laptop is capable of streaming as a dual setup using a Capture Card because my CPU in my desktop isn't good enough. I tried finding these answers through tech support on each card's respective...
  4. S

    [H] Mechanical Keyboard issues

    I've got 2 separate kb with different issues. First one, which I am actually using right now with seemingly no problems is a razer blackwidow rz03-0039 . (The oldschool one I think.) With cherry mx blues The main issue it has is that the cord is weakened and shorting. Like kinda how a...