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  1. C

    Question Best solution for large data writes; StoreMI or PrimoCache or else?

    Hi All! I've been lurking around the Caching discussions for months now and have finally moved country and put together a new system and need your advice guys! So... here's my use case and what I have in my system and what I want to achieve. --- Overview Of system AMD 3900x Gigabyte Aorus...
  2. MajinCry

    Best <£120 M2 SSD For Read Perf?

    With games getting huge (Fallout 4 is over 30-bloody-GB in size), I figured I'd best buy an SSD to go along with my RAMDisk. Use the RAMDisk for the important files, and the SSD for the rest I can't fit in. Was eyeing the 960 EVO, but those random read speeds seem completely wank: The SM961...