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  1. EXCellR8

    Launch ver. PS4 Turns on by Itself, Ejects discs and Beeps?

    I've run into this issue more recently but it seems like whenever I go to use my Xbox One, my PS4 doesn't like that and becomes a rogue agent. It will just randomly turn itself on from a full off state (happens in standby too), eject whatever disc I last left in there and then beep every minute...
  2. balloonshark

    Free Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for PC, Xbox One and PS4

    Get the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for free. PC: Xbox: PS4...
  3. T

    Controller difference xbox vs ps4

    So ive been playing xbox one for as long as i can remember and ive pretty much mastered the "art" of xbox gaming and its controls. But since all my friends play ps4 im switching to ps4. So im just wondering if id still be good at gaming controls when switching to ps4 controllers. Since the...
  4. Grooveriding

    Dark Souls 1 Remaster coming to PC May 25th (Also PS4, XBONE, Switch) This is badass.
  5. W

    SharePlay worked perfectly for a year... now friend can't join my session for past month

    My friend and I have been using Shareplay flawlessly, with no problems, for the past year. We both have good high-speed connections. Mine's a bit faster, so I always host and he joins. Suddenly, the past month or so, he has not been able to join my Shareplay session. I'm not sure if it's since...