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  1. Gizmo j

    Do Electric Vehicles Use The Main Battery To Power Appliances?

    I was thinking I could buy a electric van and use the main battery to power a laptop and a refrigerator and such, but I'm not sure if the main battery is used for that.
  2. Gizmo j

    What Cartoon Characters Are You Attracted To?

    I really like Chel from The Road to El Dorado.
  3. Gizmo j

    I've Never Been More Addicted To A Playlist (Gaming Setup Compilations)

    I've started on the first episode 3 days ago and now I'm on episode 144. This series makes me want to fix up my home.
  4. Gizmo j

    Why Doesn't V8 Juice Have To Be Refrigerated?

    I like to buy V8 green juice, mainly because it's much cheaper than the Naked green juice. But I think the Naked green juice taste better, but I've noticed Naked green juice is always refrigerated and says "perishable" on the bottle....but V8 green juice doesn't. Why?
  5. Gizmo j

    Is There A Way To Watch 2 Videos And Have It Played In Seperate Headphones?

    I want to watch 2 Seperate YouTube videos and have audio in 1 side of my head and the other in the other side of my head. Is this possible?
  6. Gizmo j

    I Think The Location Of The Bathroom Is What Destroyed My Family

    The bathroom in my parent's house was in between my sister's room and parent's room. My older sisters would not let my go through their room because they said I was a pervert for trying to do so. My parent's very rarely let me go through their room because they said I might try to take their...
  7. Gizmo j

    I Get Very Paranoid About People Noticing I'm High Off Weed

    I'm in a housing program that doesn't allow weed on the property but you're permitted to smoke weed away from the property. The problem is when in public I get very afraid of people thinking Im high, or that I'm acting oddly. I get very self-conscious about my body language and mannerisms and...
  8. Gizmo j

    Someone Charged My Aunt $100 To Factory Reset Her Laptop!

    She didn't know that you could factory reset her laptop for free by going to the security settings. I called the business asking why they charged her $100 to do something that's free and they hung up. :mad:
  9. Gizmo j

    I Want Facebook To Implement Locations For Your Friends

    There are apps that let you see the location of certain people but I think it would be awesome if Facebook implemented this. What do you think?
  10. Gizmo j

    I Like Pretty Much Every Animal On Earth Except For Snakes

    But I'm cool with other reptiles such as turtles, alligators, and iguanas.....but I CANT STAND snakes! There is absolutely nothing about snakes that I like, I hate EVERYTHING about them!
  11. I Want To Read A SWAT Fiction That Isn't A Erotica For Women

    I am OBSESSED with as all things SWAT, I've watched every movie, watched every TV series, and played every video game about SWAT. I love how it uses military tactics but is all about saving lives instead of taking lives. But the only books about SWAT are about the fantasy of having a romantic...
  12. Gizmo j

    2 Hour Analysis Of The Hardest Most Gangsta Kid Who Ever Lived

    You dont know what being alpha really means until you've experienced THE BEAST!
  13. Gizmo j

    I Asked A Pharmacist If He Considered Himself A Drug Dealer And He Got Offended XD

    I was at a CVS with my uncle to get some meds and as a joke I asked him "Do you consider yourself as a drug dealer"? He scowled at me and yelled "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU"!? I told him I was just joking and he yelled "THATS NOT FUNNY" I apologized and just walked away. XD
  14. Gizmo j

    How Did The U.S. Drop The Atom Bombs On Japan Without Being Shot Down From The Sky?

    It seems to me that japan would have been able to track down the plane that dropped the bomb before the plane go there. I'm especially confused about how the U.S. managed to bomb japan a SECOND time, why didn't japan have their guard up?
  15. Gizmo j

    Have You Ever Been Unconscious? (Besides Sleeping)

    I've never been unconscious, but I'm very afraid of it happening to me. Have you ever been knocked out from a blow to the head or took drugs or anesthetic that made you unconscious? How did it feel?
  16. Gizmo j

    If You Could Buy Human Milk At The Grocery Store Would You Buy It?

    I dont remember what human milk taste like but I really like cow's milk. I think I would like human milk better since it's made for humans.
  17. Gizmo j

    Are Hyper Realistic Animations Turning People Schizophrenic?

    I think old school animations like bugs bunny are harmless, but I suspect that hyper realistic animation like The Lion King 2019 are making people confused about what is reality and what's a cartoon. I feel like if someone who is schizophrenic watches these types of animations it would make...
  18. Gizmo j

    Will Programming Eventually Be So Commonplace That You'll Be Laughed At For Boasting About It?

    A few hundred years ago people who can read and write were considered to be extremely intelligent, nowadays you would be laughed at for even slightly bragging about being able to read and write. Will bragging about being able to code become just as laughable?
  19. Gizmo j

    Why The 'iPhone 6' Is Excellent To Vlog On A Budget Most Android phones has a limit on how much time you can record, usually 5-10minutes. Most iPhones however has unlimited recording. The...